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"SPINOFITT Vest" uses the innovative composite material HYSPLINT developed by our exclusive technology to replace the plastic plate or aluminum alloy plate which was previously used in the back orthosis. While providing the same support force, "SPINOFITT Vest" has Only 30% of the weight of competing products to achieve significant improvement in light-weight and avoid cumbersome accessories without loss of functionality.

"SPINOFITT Vest" has a simple structure but not simple materials. The inner layer of selected antibacterial bamboo charcoal fiber mesh is skin-friendly, soft and elastic, providing excellent cushion to avoid additional pressure on the body, and capable of deodorizing. The outer layer is eye-catching and breathable to get rid of the black or gray monotonous color toning of traditional protective gears. In addition, the HYSPLINT composite inside is also a fully meshed material and the degree of breathability is visible to the naked eye.



    Principal indication:

    posture correction

    maintain mobility;
    self-correct posture;
    stabilize correct posture;
    support, protect or assist the trunk


    Light weight; High strength; High aeration; Soft touch on the contact surface; X-ray translucent; Shaped by heat and fixed firmly after cooling; Shape modification for any number of times to fit any sizes of patients; Ease of putting one and taking off without getting hands dirty


    If you are not satisfied with your purchase you may return it to us by post within 7 days of receipt, and we will issue a full refund after deduction of shipping and handling cost, provided the item must be unworn and returned in its original condition; we reserve the right to refuse a refund if an item is in unsuitable condition, worn or stained.


    Orders are processed Monday-Friday. All orders for in-stock merchandise are shipped within 48 hours. The in-stock item shall be sent from the warehouse near your site to minimize your shipping cost.

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